Homophobia and Hip Hop Culture

It’s probably a safe bet to say neither you nor your children should take any cues from an entertainer, whether they’re a rapper or otherwise. And as absurd as a man in spandex leopard print women’s leggings is, the logic of avoiding being influenced by rappers applies to things much more important than wardrobe choices. There’s a lot of sexism, racism and homophobia at work when runway fashion and Hip Hop are mixed together. Frank Ocean’s open letter, Macklemore’s “Same Love”, and A$AP Rocky’s interview below are signs that Hip Hop is taking small steps to evolve.

“I kicked down the door for kids that’s my age…or older or younger to be able to wear Jeremy Scott sneakers, rips in their jeans, and not feel gay… That’s what society of the urban community tries to portray—that if you do certain things like snug fashion and high-end fashion, and other things that’s not really in the criteria of the small state of mind of the urban community, you’re ‘gay.’”

*Strong language*



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