“Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short”

“Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short”

January 29. 2014

During our conversations about stereotypes and “the tricksters’ attempts to point out these issues in class, I was reminded of a chat I had this summer with a co-worker. I had been on the fence about cutting my hair into a pixie-cut (very short and just above the ears) and had mentioned it in passing to him. Without missing a beat he replied, “You would look like such a lesbian.” I was appalled at this comment and even more so that this man had a very concrete image in his head of what apparently all homosexual females looks like. That comment from him actually gave me the push to go ahead and chop my hair off. I didn’t want him defining me or anyone based on what shape, length, or color our hair is.

A couple of months into loving my shorter locks, a friend of mine who is also a female and also has a pixie posted this article on Facebook with the caption “I want to shave my head on this guy’s lawn.” It takes my coworker’s insensitive comment to a whole new level. I am so thankful for the tricksters out there that can laugh off how blatantly cold and thoughtless these archaic views are.


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